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The Robonauts  in a partnership with The American Medical Women’s Association is helping with the pandemic by contributing 3D printed face shields to healthcare workers who are helping us combat COVID-19 while risking their own lives.  Our volunteers are  focused on printing, assembling and shipping the PPE. However we need  your donations to  purchase 3D filament, polyester( plastic for the shield) and elastic.

Some of the recipients of our shields thus far have ranged from Healthcare providers in Navajo Nation Arizona,  large tertiary care ICUs & surgical units, Pediatric Oncology centers, and Adult Residential Facilities for the developmentally disabled.

Cost to Make the Face Sheilds:

$4-5 Cost of material for 1 completed shield  plus shipping

Materials: 3D Filament (PLA, PETG). Polyester(plastic for the shield), PETG 14 mil & Elastic.

Request For PPE: Our Order Request Form

The design has been provided by Michigan Medicine: University of Michigan. The materials are being collected per the spec (PLA and 4 mil Polyester)


COVID-19 TheRobonauts Partners

The Robonauts

The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) 

Infinite Peripherals (Kindly helping  with assembly and shipping costs)

Dinsmore Inc. (Kindly donated several disposable and reusable PPE)