Mission: The Robonauts’ mission is to teach STEM and leadership skills to kids.

We achieve our mission by teaching STEM skills using robotics and help students gain hands-on​ experience in building simple robots. Out free creative and fun programs offer free Lego Mindstorm and VEX EDR robotics classes from grades 4 to 8. We teach leadership through our STEMup program and by creating volunteering opportunities to address the community needs. The following are examples of our programs:


The Robonauts team is helping with the pandemic by contributing 3D printed face shields to healthcare workers who are helping us combat COVID-19 while risking their own lives. We have used our own funds to purchase 3D printers. Our printers are busy printing headbands for the face shields. We will assemble these shields by adding Visors as well as bungee to secure them. Please see our COVID-19 page and help us raise the funds to produce these much needed Supplies.

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2020 and Beyond


The Robonauts continues to bridge the gap for our underserved communities by  teaching Leadership skills to students at MPESD after school program in San Jose, California. Our new program is called STEAM UP- especially designed to teach students leadership skills. The mission is to provide innovative leadership training to support a persons journeys through Middle and high School. The program is offered to all students regardless of gender.

We introduced topics related to leadership and STEM. Class consisted of 45 minute sessions once per month for 6 months via  Zoom (video Meeting ).  We taught thorough animated videos, discussions that focus on developing and learning leadership skills. Through sharing stories and practicing skills, participants gain a better understanding of how to advance their own skill as well as support their peers. This is an ongoing program which will run every school year from October – April.

Topics taught this year included: 

        • Growth Mindset
        •  Feedback, Persistence
        •  Negotiation
        • Cyber Security
        • Communication
        •  Purpose, Body Language and why it matters


Alliance for Youth Achievement

This year we taught VEX Robotics at Lee Mathson Middle school’s maker Space.  An Alliance for Youth Achievement after school STEAM program. The Robonauts would like to thank A4YA.org whose mission is to provide enriching educational experiences of under served students through project based learning. We had an amazing group of young middle schoolers who built and drove the Robots they helped build.

2018 & 2017

Mountain View Public Library

Thanks to the Mountain View Public Library for hosting our 2017 & 
2018 sessions.

Photo Gallery:

Photos & Videos from 2018 workshop at Mountain View Public Library


The Robonauts Team with the Mayor of Mountain View at 2018 Workshop


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